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Fisheries Management: 2006 Publications


Apostolaki, P., Babcock, E.A., and McAllister, M.K.  Contrasting deterministic and probabilistic ranking of catch quotas and spatially and size-regulated fisheries management.  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 63(8): 1777-1792, 2006.
Abstract available

Ault, J.S., Smith, S.G., Bohnsack, J.A., Luo, J.G., Harper, D.E., and McClellan, D.B.  Building sustainable fisheries in Florida's coral reef ecosystem:  Positive signs in the Dry Tortugas.  Bulletin of Marine Science 78(3): 633-654, 2006.

Beamish, R.J., McFarlane, G.A., and Benson, A.  Longevity overfishing.  Progress in Oceanography 68(2-4): 289-302, 2006.

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Berkes, F., Hughes, T.P., Steneck, R.S., Wilson, J.A., Bellwood, D.R., Crona, B., Folke, C., Gunderson, L.H., Leslie, H.M., Norberg, J., Nystrom, M., Olsson, P., Osterblom, H., Scheffer, M., and Worm, B.  Globalization, roving bandits, and marine resources.  Science 311(5767): 1557-1558, 2006.

Bisack, K.D. and Sutinen, J.G.  Harbor porpoise bycatch:  ITQs or time/area closures in the New England gillnet fishery.  Land Economics 82(1): 85-102, 2006.

Branch, T.A., Hilborn, R., Haynie, A.C., Fay, G., Flynn, L., Griffiths, J., Marshall, K.N., Randall, J.K., Scheuerell, J.M., Ward, E.J., and Young, M.  Fleet dynamics and fishermen behavior: lessons for fisheries managers.  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 63(7): 1647-1668, 2006.
Abstract available

Branch, T.A., Rutherford, K., and Hilborn, R.  Replacing trip limits with individual transferable quotas: implications for discarding.  Marine Policy 30(3): 281-292, 2006.

Calado, R.  Marine ornamental species from European waters: a valuable overlooked resource or a future threat for the conservation of marine ecosystems?  Scientia Marina 70(3): 389-398, 2006.

Cinner, J., Marnane, M.J., McClanahan, T.R., and Almany, G.R.  Periodic closures as adaptive coral reef management in the Indo-Pacific.  Ecology and Society 11(1): U244-U277, 2006.

Clark, C.W.  Fisheries bioeconomics: why is it so widely misunderstood?  Population Ecology 48(2): 95-98, 2006.

Clarke, S.C., Magnussen, J.E., Abercrombie, D.L., McAllister, M.K., and Shivji, M.S.  Identification of shark species composition and proportion in the Hong Kong shark fin market based on molecular genetics and trade records.  Conservation Biology 20(1): 201-211, 2006.

Cooke, S.J. and Cowx, I.G.  Contrasting recreational and commercial fishing:  Searching for common issues to promote unified conservation of fisheries resources and aquatic environments.  Biological Conservation 128(1): 93-108, 2006.

Corkeron, P.J.  Opposing views of the ''ecosystem approach'' to fisheries management.  Conservation Biology 20(3): 617-619, 2006.

da Silva, P. and Kitts, A.  Collaborative fisheries management in the Northeast US: Emerging initiatives and future directions.  Marine Policy 30(6): 832-841, 2006.

Degnbol, P., Gislason, H., Hanna, S., Jentoft, S., Nielsen, J.R., Sverdrup-Jensen, S., and Wilson, D.C.  Painting the floor with a hammer:  Technical fixes in fisheries management.  Marine Policy 30(5): 534-543, 2006.

Eisenack, K., Scheffran, J., and Kropp, J.P.  Viability analysis of management frameworks for fisheries.  Environmental Modeling and Assessment 11(1): 69-79, 2006.

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Erceg, D.  Deterring IUU fishing through state control over nationals.  Marine Policy 30(2): 173-179, 2006.

Field, J.C. and Francis, R.C.  Considering ecosystem-based fisheries management in the California Current.  Marine Policy 30(5): 552-569, 2006.

Frid, C.L.J., Paramor, O.A.L., and Scott, C.L.  Ecosystem-based management of fisheries: is science limiting?  ICES Journal of Marine Science 63(9): 1567-1572, 2006.

Fox, K.J., Grafton, R.Q., Kompas, T., and Che, T.N.  Capacity reduction, quota trading and productivity: the case of a fishery.  Australian Journal of Agriculture and Resource Economics 50(2): 189-206, 2006.

Grafton, R.Q., Arnason, R., Bjorndal, T., Campbell, D., Campbell, H.F., Clark, C.W., Connor, R., Dupont, D.P., Hannesson, R., Hilborn, R., Kirkley, J.E., Kompas, T., Lane, D.E., Munro, G.R., Pascoe, S., Squires, D., Steinshamn, S.I., Turris, B.R., and Weninger, Q.  Incentive-based approaches to sustainable fisheries.  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 63(3): 699-710, 2006.
Abstract available

Greenstreet, S.P.R. and Rogers, S.I.  Indicators of the health of the North Sea fish community: identifying reference levels for an ecosystem approach to management.  ICES Journal of Marine Science 63(4): 573-593, 2006.

Hanna, S.  Will structural reform fix fishery management?  Commission policy recommendations and the US regional fishery management council system.  Bulletin of Marine Science 78(3): 547-562, 2006.

Hart, D.R. and Rago, P.J.  Long-term dynamics of US Atlantic sea scallop Placopecten magellanicus populations.   North American Journal of Fisheries Management 26(2): 490-501, 2006.
Abstract available

Hentrich, S. and Salomon, M.  Flexible management of fishing rights and a sustainable fisheries industry in Europe.  Marine Policy 30(6): 712-720, 2006.

Hiddink, J.G., Hutton, T., Jennings, S., and Kaiser, M.J.  Predicting the effects of area closures and fishing effort restrictions on the production, biomass, and species richness of benthic invertebrate communities.  ICES Journal of Marine Science 63(5): 822-830, 2006.

Hilborn, R., Micheli, F., and De Leo, G.A.  Integrating marine protected areas with catch regulation.  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 63(3): 642-649, 2006.
Abstract available

Holland, D.S. and Schnier, K.E.  Protecting marine biodiversity: a comparison of individual habitat quotas and marine protected areas.   Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 63(7): 1481-1495, 2006.
Abstract available

Hsieh, C.H., Reiss, C.S., Hunter, J.R., Beddington, J.R., May, R.M., and Sugihara, G.  Fishing elevates variability in the abundance of exploited species.  Nature 443(7113): 859-862, 2006.

Jaworski, A., Solmundsson, J., and Ragnarsson, S.A.  The effect of area closures on the demersal fish community off the east coast of Iceland.  ICES Journal of Marine Science 63(5): 897-911, 2006.

Khan, A.  Sustainability challenges in the geoduck clam fishery of British Columbia: Policy perspectives.  Coastal Management 34(4): 443-453, 2006.

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Parma, A.M., Hilborn, R., and Orensanz, J.M.  The good, the bad, and the ugly:  Learning from experience to achieve sustainable fisheries.  Bulletin of Marine Science 78(3): 411-427, 2006.

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Sullivan, P.J., Acheson, J.M., Angermeier, P.L., Faast, T., Flemma, J., Jones, C.M., Knudsen, E.E., Minello, T.J., Secor, D.H., Wunderlich, R., and Zanetell, B.A.  Defining and implementing - Best available science for fisheries and environmental science, policy, and management.  Fisheries 31(9): 460-465, 2006.
Abstract available

Trondsen, T., Matthiasson, T., and Young, J.A.  Towards a market-oriented management model for straddling fish stocks.  Marine Policy 30(3): 199-206, 2006.

Utne, I.B.  Systems engineering principles in fisheries management.  Marine Policy 30(6): 624-634, 2006.

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Wilson, J.A.  Matching social and ecological systems in complex ocean fisheries.  Ecology and Society 11(1): art. 9, 2006.
Abstract available