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Culinary Students Vie for Top Sustainable Seafood Honors with French Cooking Competition

2011 national catering competition promoting sustainable seafood

A catering student gets tips during
the 2011 culinary competition

SeaWeb's Seafood Choices program and the French School of Culinary Arts, FERRANDI, launched the second edition of the national catering competition promoting sustainable seafood. Two partners are involved in this initiative: the catering school of Dinard and the Association Relais & Châteaux.

This year, Chef Olivier Roellinger, Vice President of the Relais & Châteaux Association, 2011 Seafood Champion, and ambassador of the competition, gave his name to the initiative which is now called ‘Olivier Roellinger catering competition – For sea resources preservation’.

The competition will challenge two categories of candidates to devise and cook recipes that are both delectable and sustainable:

  • young catering students,
  • professional chefs under the age of 35.

Chefs represent a key link between seafood industry professionals and consumers. In this context, increasing the awareness of a new generation of chefs about the fragility of marine resources is a priority. By focusing on young chefs and catering students, this competition aims to promote sustainable species that are often less known.

Three partners have joined the project: the Chamber of Commerce of Saint-Malo (Brittany) through its professional hospitality show "Prorestel", the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), and the fishermen organization ‘Pêcheurs de Bretagne’.

Read the Press Release announcing the competition (in French) [PDF] >>


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