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IUU Fishing: What’s the Industry’s Role?

Kieran Kelleher/Marine Photobank NOAA’s recent announcement that it will be working with ten countries to address their failures to control Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing activities under their flagged vessels follows similar action by the European Union last year to list countries that had failed to meet EU IUU regulations. This all comes at a time when other governments, the conservation community, and many in industry are working together to develop responses to IUU fishing.


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Ocean Voices

Spotlight on Young Ocean Hero,
Ainsley Dacanay

Ainsley DacanayAinsley's grandmother, Cheryl Ann Hurt, wrote in to SeaWeb's Marine Photobank to thank us for making available an important resource showing people the true impact humans are having on the ocean. Ainsley and Cheryl Ann used the Photobank to raise awareness about the issue of shark finning and created a t-shirt and a club to educate others.

This is undoubtedly just the start of Ainsley's positive influence on the ocean. Find out why she's passionate and how she's inspiring other kids to help keep the ocean healthy.

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Sustainable Solutions

Seafood Species and Sustainability Info From NOAA.


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SEAT Project Helps Convince Member of the European Parliament to Accept Pangasius

Member of the European parliament (MEP) Struan Stevenson has changed his views on pangasius imported from Vietnam after a presentation from the Sustainable Ethical Aquaculture Trade (SEAT) project and a trip to visit farms in Vietnam.

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Shop Smart

Our consumer habits can affect the health of the ocean. Be a sustainability-savvy shopper with our Shop Smart tips.

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