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ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies/Marine Photobank

The Asia Pacific region is home to the some of the highest levels of marine biodiversity on Earth. It is also home to millions of people that depend on these marine resources for food, medicine, income and protection from storms. But as the demands of the global economy grow, the increasing pressure on these resources threatens to deplete this great storehouse of marine biodiversity and to devastate the health and livelihoods of the people who depend on them.

At the same time, in the Pacific Island that our program focuses on today, leaders face several obstacles that make efforts to conserve these resources more challenging. From a lack of human and financial resources to limited technological infrastructure to geographic isolation, these places are fighting to manage their environments in a rapidly changing world. SeaWeb, through our Asia Pacific Program, is helping the region win that fight. SeaWeb believes the long-term success of conserving Asia Pacific marine environments and their unparalleled resources depends on bridging the gaps between communities, government, ocean experts and the media. We also believe that for conservation to succeed in this region, local leaders and local concerns must shape the dialogue on how to best conserve these resources.

Our work in the Asia Pacific is dedicated to empowering communities, nongovernmental organizations and governments to advance ocean conservation through strategic communications and social marketing campaigns. To that end, we offer a suite of services to increase media commitment to ocean issues while also strengthening the communications capacity of our partners.

Although we are currently focusing our work in Fiji and Papua New Guinea, we look forward to working with our partners to expand our program and leverage our work in more Asia Pacific countries and islands.