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Using SeaWeb's unique communication techniques and approach to convey complex ocean issues, our initiatives—our programs, projects and campaigns—are designed to tackle some of the most detrimental impacts to the ocean today, including depletion of marine life, climate change, ocean acidification and pollution. They also highlight the links between our own health and that of the ocean.

SeaWeb Seafood Summit

The SeaWeb Seafood Summit is the world's premier conference on seafood sustainability. The Summit brings together global representatives from the seafood industry with leaders from the conservation community, academia, government and the media. The goal of the Summit is to define success and advance solutions in sustainable seafood by fostering dialogue and partnerships that lead to a seafood marketplace that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. The conference is produced in partnership by SeaWeb and Diversified Communications.

To view past Seafood Summits, visit our Seafood Choices Summit page. To learn about the current Summit, visit the Seafood Summit website >>


Seafood Champions Program

First presented in 2006, the Seafood Champion Awards annually recognize individuals and companies for outstanding leadership in promoting environmentally responsible seafood. SeaWeb established the award to honor those in the seafood industry whose past and/or present contributions demonstrate a commitment to innovation that leads to change. Candidates can include individuals, companies or organizations whose accomplishments demonstrate outstanding commitment to advancing seafood sustainability in the fishing, aquaculture, seafood supply and distribution, retail, restaurant and foodservice sectors, as well as conservation, science, academia and the media. Visit the Seafood Champions website >>


SeaWeb Scholars

The SeaWeb Scholars Program provides financial, logistical, and professional support to potential seafood sustainability leaders from underrepresented sectors and geographies, to allow them to contribute their unique perspectives to the dialogue at the Seafood Summit and beyond. The program is designed to ensure that every Scholar is equipped to contribute his or her unique ideas and experiences to the Summit dialogue, and to serve as ambassadors of sustainable seafood in their home communities. SeaWeb's support is geared at providing Scholars the resources they need to develop their leadership by learning, contributing, and making the valuable connections that will keep them engaged in the future of the seafood sustainability movement. Learn more about the SeaWeb Scholars Program >>


Asia Pacific Program

Working to protect one of the most biodiverse ocean ecosystems in the world, SeaWeb's Asia Pacific Program bridges the worlds of marine science, journalism and public policy. The Asia Pacific region is home to millions of people who depend on the ocean for their very survival, as it provides them food, medicine and income. SeaWeb is empowering communities and their leaders, governments and nongovernmental organizations to build capacity for ocean conservation efforts through strategic communications and social marketing campaigns that achieve stronger ocean protections. This work is primarily focused in Fiji, Hawaii, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Saipan. Visit the Asia Pacific Program >>



GoodCatch is a collaboration among four organizations that provide resources to help chefs, caterers and restaurateurs, navigate the often complex subject of seafood sustainability by providing practical information and hosting events to make it easier for them to serve sustainable seafood. Visit GoodCatch >>


Ecosystem-Based Management Communications Project

Ecosystem-Based Management

SeaWeb has been an integral part of the movement away from species-specific management toward embracing ecosystem-based approaches to ocean conservation. Our Ecosystem-Based Management Communications Project works to develop and disseminate strategic communications tools for key groups of decision makers and stakeholders in the ocean community. SeaWeb assists marine nongovernmental organizations and ocean management agencies in their communications and outreach needs, and we convene annual meetings that bring together thought leaders around ecosystem-based management. Visit the Ecosystem-Based Management Communications Project >>


KidSafe Seafood

KidSafe SeafoodKidSafe Seafood alleviates confusion about what species and which quantities of seafood are good for children and for the ocean. The program encourages greater scientific clarity and government fish consumption guidelines for kids, works to create demand for healthy and sustainable seafood, and educates parents about the best seafood consumption practices for children. Visit KidSafe Seafood >>

Marine Photobank

The Marine Photobank is the leading visual resource that allows people from all over the world to collect, share and download marine photos, images and graphics that shed light on how humans have affected life in the ocean.

The Marine Photobank is a community of photographers, ocean conservationists, scientists, educators, students and others donating marine conservation images that can be used free for non-commercial and educational purposes. The site contains thousands of images that depict both the wonder and awe of the ocean as well as the challenges it faces today. The photos are used in hundreds of online and print publications each year. Visit the Marine Photobank >>




The Partnership Involving Stakeholders in the Celtic Sea Ecosystem (PISCES) is designed to address sustainable management issues of the Celtic Sea through the involvement of regional stakeholders. This partnership of four organizations is implementing the European Union’s policy on sustainable, ecosystem-based approach to management through practical guidelines and outcomes applicable to the many sectors and cultures involved. It is a ground-breaking effort in that it is the first project designed to provide management guidelines in a trans-national context—involving four major European countries—and that endeavors, through the involvement of stakeholders, to translate European Union policy into practical outcomes on the ground. Visit PISCES >>


Seafood Choices

Seafood Choices

Seafood Choices is an international program aimed at providing tools to help the seafood industry transform the marketplace to be environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. Ocean acidification, sustainable fishing practices, responsible aquaculture, traceability, and illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing are some of key issues addressed by Seafood Choices. Visit Seafood Choices >>


Too Precious to Wear

SeaWeb's Too Precious to Wear coral conservation campaign is aimed at addressing the negative impact on coral by consumer demand in the jewelry and home décor industries. The campaign has gained support from jewelers, fashion designers and retailers who have pledged to use coral-inspired creations rather than designing products that are derived from coral. The campaign raises awareness of both deep-sea corals and shallow-water coral reefs as living animals, and it seeks to address the threats posed to coral by international trade. Too Precious to Wear has formed partnerships with top-tier fashion and jewelry designers such as Lilly Pulitzer and Tiffany & Company to encourage the use of coral as inspiration only, highlighting to consumers and other industry representatives that many alternatives exist to using real coral. Visit Too Precious to Wear >>