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10.22.14 - The Times-Picayune
BP Takes Another Shot in Bid to Delay Seafood Claims Payments

10.22.14 - Seafood Source News
First Oyster Farms Enter ASC Assessment

10.21.14 - Seafood Source News
First ASC-Certified Shrimp from Asia to Hit Market

10.20.14 - The Independent
Shortage of Fish 'Stops Poor From Eating Healthily'

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Seafood Champions are innovators, leaders, advocates, and visionaries. The nominations have been evaluated, and the finalists were recently announced at the Seafood Expo Asia in Hong Kong on September 3rd. Visit Seafood Champions to learn about the finalists.

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Learn About the Threats of Rising Tides

Ocean Voice Q&A with John Englander John Englander, High Tide on Main StreetOceanographer and consultant John Englander is a leading expert on sea level rise and its societal and financial impacts.  He assists businesses and communities in understanding the risks as rising seas challenge us to adapt to a changing shoreline.


Alex Hofford/Marine Photobank

Credit: Alex Hofford/Marine Photobank

"What I hadn't expected to witness at 25 meters down was a fellow homo sapiens. Deep inside the net of the 'Vergene', I was astonished to see a human foot pushing up against the black nylon mesh. Like an underwater shepherd with prune-skinned toes, a 'pa-aling' diver was busy inside, scaring the fish towards the surface."

- Alex Hofford


Did You Know?

"Far beyond the reach of recreational divers, tuna fisheries often take place hundreds of miles from land. The Philippines tuna fleet has long overfished its own waters, and now it is turning its attention to the less regulated international waters of the high seas."



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