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John Englander

Spotlight on John Englander

Interview with John Englander, expert on sea level rise

Oceanographer and consultant John Englander is a leading expert on sea level rise and its societal and financial impacts.  He assists businesses and communities in understanding the risks as rising seas challenge us to adapt to a changing shoreline.  His book, High Tide on Main Street: Rising Sea Level and the Coming Coastal Crisis, clearly explains what this coming coastal crisis means to you.




Ocean Courier

Spotlight on Ocean Courier, Teresa Carey

Interview with Teresa Carey on Ocean Courier, a project founded by her and her husband, Ben. Together, via sailboat, they will travel to marine areas in jeopardy, marine sanctuaries, and other ocean areas of ecological interest, shining a spotlight on conservation efforts around the world.

Ocean Courier's unique hook involves two sailors voyaging on a 44-foot sailboat. Joined by scientists, filmmakers, and writers, the audience will experience the thrills and hardships of life at sea, while embarking on a mission to discover the current state of ocean conservation. The route will take them to important marine areas in jeopardy, marine sanctuaries, and other ocean areas of ecological interest to celebrate or protect. Propelled by beautiful imagery and passionate storytelling, Ocean Courier delivers the ocean’s message.




Alana Yurkanin

Spotlight on Discover TURFs, Alana Yurkanin

Interview with Alana Yurkanin, on Territorial Use Rights in Fisheries, or TURFs. Yurkanin is a Master’s Candidate (2014) Bren School of Environmental Science & Management

DiscoverTURFs is designed to bring people together in order to learn, share, and help reverse overfishing. Combining the power of SeaSketch with DiscoverTURFs’ exploratory map, fisheries managers, government officials, non-profit organizations, academics, and other visitors to their website can access site-specific information about TURFs around the world. As part of a graduate student research project, DiscoverTURFs will also analyze the information collected to help uncover common trends in worldwide TURFs.




Ainsley Dacanay

Spotlight on Young Ocean Hero, Ainsley Dacanay

Interview with Ainsley Dacanay (10), on her inspiration to care for the ocean

Ainsley's grandmother, Cheryl Ann Hurt, wrote in to SeaWeb's Marine Photobank to thank us for making available an important resource showing people the true impact humans are having on the ocean. Ainsley and Cheryl Ann used the Photobank to raise awareness about the issue of shark finning and created a t-shirt and a club to educate others.
This is undoubtedly just the start of Ainsley's positive influence on the ocean. Find out why she's passionate and how she's inspiring other kids to help keep the ocean healthy.




Roberts portrait

A Love Letter to the Sea: "The Ocean Of Life"

Interview with Callum Roberts, author of "The Ocean of Life: The Fate of Man and the Sea"

Callum Roberts, “The Rachel Carson of the fish world” (The New York Times) has written his magnum opus: a love letter to the sea, from the first spark of life to today. The Ocean Of Life tells the story of humankind’s long relationship with the sea and its creatures, and showshow the fate of our oceans will ultimately determine our own future.

Continuing on our current course of excessive fishing, using the sea as a dump, and planetary transformation is not possible if we are to survive and thrive. Change is possible, and The Ocean Of Life is infused with optimism, hope and practical solutions for the future.




Beth Shady

A Gift from the Sea: Creating Art from Seaweed

Interview with Beth Shady, nature artist and owner of

Do you think about seaweed randomly throughout your day? Beth Shady does. To Beth, seaweed is an art form that she uses to express her awe for the oceans and to hopefully elicit the same feeling in others. Beth started as an artistic medium to raise awareness about ocean health and as a way to give back to the ocean conservation community.

For the month of May, Beth is donating 10 percent of the proceeds from sales to SeaWeb in support of creating a culture of ocean conservation.




Martin Reed/i love blue sea

Sustainable Seafood: Good Business for You and the Sea

An Interview with Seafood Sustainability Advocate and i love blue sea founder, Martin Reed

Sustainable Seafood doesn’t have to complicated according to Martin Reed, creator of online seafood marketplace i love blue sea. Reed felt there was a lack of easily-available, fresh sustainable seafood in the United States so he started i love blue sea and now ships San Francisco’s freshest seafood anywhere in the lower 48 states.

SeaWeb and i love blue sea have partnered up to deliver fresh, sustainable seafood right to your door. In celebration of Earth Day, we want you to support a healthy earth and ocean by purchasing sustainable seafood. Read our recent conversation below with Reed on why sustainable seafood matters for you and for the ocean.


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