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Walk The Walk To Keep The Ocean From Going Dark

Tim Crowley / Marine Photobank
The many threats to our ocean may seem as vast as its waters. And for those who don't have a constant view of its wonders, how the ocean is relevant to our daily lives may also seem obscure. Yet the ties between our own health and that of the ocean's are tightly intertwined, from the ocean helping to regulating our climate to providing more than half of our oxygen and at least a sixth of our animal protein. (See more about these connections in Ocean and Human Health).

Don't wait for the ocean to go dark before taking action. Show your committment by taking the Ocean Pledge.

We can all be custodians of the ocean and therefore benefit our own lives. Here are simple, effective ways to learn more and help protect our marine environments now and for future generations.

Be Informed and Educate Others

Learn about the threats to our marine environments through our Ocean News, Market Solutions, and Science Matters portals. Then let your students, classmates, children, neighbors or elected officials know. You can be a leader for the ocean in your community.

Share Your Ocean Images

Fiona Ayerst / Marine Photobank

Become a contributing member of our Marine Photobank and your photos and other images could help bring marine issues to life and inspire others to do all they can to help conserve the ocean. The Marine Photobank is a community of photographers, ocean conservationists, scientists, educators, students and others donating marine conservation images that can be used free for non-commercial and educational purposes. The Photobank contains thousands of images that depict both the wonder and awe of the ocean as well as the challenges it faces today.

Report on Ocean Issues

Lost at sea when it comes to reporting on ocean issues? They may seem as vast and complex as the ocean itself. Yet as climate change, pollution and depletion of marine life affects all of us, more and more reporters and editors are recognizing the ocean's ties to our daily lives and the need to convey this to their audiences. SeaWeb provides reporters with trusted, science-based resources and connections to ocean experts. Let us help you give the ocean the in-depth coverage it deserves. Check out our Ocean News portal for up-to-date stories and our media resources. Need more information? Pease contact us at

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